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I hope you like it!!! Thank you for the request lovely!!! (Also y'all  Apr 9, 2015 EXO's Reaction: “Him Getting Jealous When Another Member Flirts/Laughs/ Jokes Around With You” Hi guys~ This is my VERY FIRST reaction  Sep 19, 2017 EXO Reactions: When you make them jealous Chanyeol: “Yah, how dare she flirt with Sehun like that? Doesn't she know that'll make me upset  May 25, 2019- This Pin was discovered by Vanessa Madrid. BTS- JOIN; Home; ABOUT; JOIN; Bts Reacting To You Masterlist Bts Pregnancy Scenario Tumblr Reactions are CLOSED. During a feast another man had asked you to dance with him, to which you happily agreed since Hvitserk stated he wouldn’t feel like dancing. Ah! thank you so much for reading it, I love hearing feedback like this it makes me so happy :( I am working on the next part today and it should be posted today, or in the following days! thank you for reading! Kim Minju is really similar to Bae Jinyoung, as in, both of them started out being very shy so they both were lacking, but then they came out of their shell and debuted. home ask I’m Just a Jealous Guy (Baekhyun Hiii! Can I request a smut scenario for monsta x minhyuk? It could be a make-up sex or like when he suddenly gets jealous and he teaches you some "lessons",whatever is comfortable for you to write ;) thank you!! Imagine Bjorn getting jealous when he would see another man talking to you. captain (M) - @suho-mochi Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. The car was silent, every now and then Jin would try and make conversation but it would land flat. ” With that said, you slammed the door behind you and went into the living room of the EXO dorm. yixing. Headcannons > Living with EXO > Dating Poly! Xingdae. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Can you make a reaction when they saw you were EXO Imagines. (Y/N), this It happened to be EXO's very own leader, Suho. Exo tryna hit you up bc you hot asf but then Amber comes around all cool like and says , “Thats my bitch! Don’t touch things you cant afford!” That night the members of exo cry because they can’t be a man/lady/gender fluid killer like Amber. By blinkingline Updated Aug 1 . overdosed-for-exo. So this is my first reaction, so I don’t know if it’s going to suck, if you’re gonna hate it, or whatever. Masterpost (UPDATE) taetaesbaebaepsae: “**updated July 20, 2019 **new in BOLD** ***Added a section for Series and I think everything is now updated! I also added my Got7 fake texts and imagine. This is for those unlucky fangirls who only wants their dreams to come true and it only happens here in this blog. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Jealous Mate Wattpad. Although he is a COMPLETE angel, he would become a bit more aggressive when he is jealous. Jun 20, 2015 You're Cute When You're Jealous (Chanyeol x You) “Guys, this is (y/n). You pulled Taehyung’s coat tighter around you, having forgotten yours and being freezing but too scared to ask for Jeongguk’s. Title: "Jealous Boyfriend"Genre:  Feb 14, 2018 EXO When They Get Jealous of Their S/O A/N ~ Hi! and you're welcome. "Of course I'll help you!!" You said wrapping your arm around Tao's and kissing him on the Imagine Kris being jealous “Kris. I think i EXO Reaction to finding out that you didn’t want to tell them about the school dance because of their packed schedule Xoxo, Admin A~ /I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/ Skip to content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; Suga X Reader Wattpad Stone Summary: It’s been a month since you’ve seen your lover, Yoo Kihyun and it’s all been purely physical since you started fooling around a few months ago…right? littlecutiekitty:. Imagines/Scenarios > Mistake - Xiumin > Calm Down - Chanyeol > Jealous - Xiumin > Bloody Love Vampire!au - Chanyeol > A First Time For Everything - Kai x Brian (Day 6) smut Reactions > Picking fruits with you > You telling them you like their smile He gets jealous, but not in an overwhelming sort of way. You grabbed your bag instead, heading towards the door. Jealous! Mark Tuan where you spend time with Youngjae and Jackson to find a puppy for your anniversary. class president (M) - @btssmutgalore “class president candidate jimin would do anything to get your vote” fuck. chanyeol. HELP FANS GET BACK THEIR LOST MERCH Guys, ktown4u has messed up BIGTIME!! They sent a whole bunch of orders TO WRONG ADDRESSES. chen, baekhyun, xiumin. Baekhyun came out of the room and you acted quickly. Or maybe you do. I really hope you guys like this reaction. 23. It's your choice. 017 Me gusta · 6 personas están hablando de esto. for reading!! #EXOFanfics · #SuhylasImagines. Before you started dating you would purposefully flirt with Jiwon just to get Hanbin to be a little possessive over you and it had worked. I'm still jealous of kiko and jiyong but oh well life goes on Until they marry, I'll die. Read 52. Exo Reaction: Clingy and Cuddles ~ Reaction to you being all clingy around them and needing hugs and cuddles? :D Thank you. duh. EXO as Anime Characters (Junjou Romantica) Reactions: EXO reaction after saying a cheesy pick-up line to you; EXO reaction to you liking rock/heavy metal music; EXO reaction to confessing to you; EXO reaction to you being scared of intimacy; EXO reaction to you having insecurities; EXO reaction to being caught by your parents in your room Jealous. Chanyeol  Exo's Reaction - Getting Jealous Over You Listening To Another Group. . but as he is the youngest, sehun would be more whiny and he would like less the idea of their s/o being with someone else than Luhan: The moment you mentioned that you were jealous, all of his attention would be yours, almost to the point of being unbearable. Each time he gets one he turns to look at you with a smirk on your face, but each time you just laugh and he pouts wondering why you don’t get jealous like him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you… Just Hold Me Kpop Exo Exo K Exo Ot12 Unicorn Exo Imagines Kyungsoo Kpop Groups Exo Facts Kris Wu Xd<<The bottom half is pretty cute but the top half XD<<< if minseok oppa said that to me I’d think it would be the cutest thing ever but other than that lol yeah accurate Imagines by Boy Any Exo M Boy Imagines Any Exo K Boy Imagines Fan Imagines An Exo Blog. No one can Amber is a queen We are all of Amber’s bitches. kyungsoo. Jokes Collection of Exo-based masterposts. bestdamnnight liked this . Anonymous said: jealous Baekhyun with his big ol' praise kink, probs being desperate for you to tell him that he's the best, better than anyone you've ever had, going the lengths to prove it - door Exo Reaction: Their Toddler Is Jealous Of The New Baby @seahoonthechicken101 said: Hellooo i have a request ! When exo their toddler is jealous of the new baby Overdosing On Imagines index message archive Kpop gif/written imagines to your liking~We are also gladly accepting requests! Love, Admin Fluffy and Admin CJ**gifs aren't ours unless stated so** Masterlist EXO’s Reaction: “You Accidentally Send Him a Weird Picture of Yourself” Xiumin: He was in the middle of eating and he heard the message EXO Reaction: Slapping you; Kai: *At first, slowly, he grabs it and squeeze it, then he slaps you hard as hell* Originally posted by jonginization. Sep 10, 2016 {Reaction} EXO getting jealous when someone else hits on you. blog LIKE | SUBSC Category People & Blogs; Song Baby Don't Cry; Artist EXO; Album EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1 : THE LOST PLANET; Writers Rahsaan Patterson, Kipper Jones, Keith Crouch *NSFW* Jealous Yoongi Shameless Yoongi smut from me to you. You nodded your head, pressing your tongue against your cheek in your attempt from saying anything that you would regret. Practically Perfect. “But could he touch you like this?” Originally posted by jekkis. All posts (unless reblogged and/or tagged otherwise) are made by one of us: two dumb EXO-Ls who think they're the funniest people in the world. coming out as bisexual to your boyfriend Mark. Overdosed. Connexion. A light bulb lit over your head. ” “Suit yourself,” he surrendered with an amused look. Not their . Read 52. baekhyun baekhyun text baekhyun imagine baekhyun imagines kpop kpop text kpop texts kpop imagine kpop imagines exo exo imagine exo scenario exo scenarios exo imagines exo text exo texts text imagines kpop scenarios EXO masterlist - EXO masterlist Current draftsClick here MTL date a guarded yet submissive (in bed) girl date an athlete Go into a bathroom with their gf during a party date a girl who is like Baekhyun MTL date a Reaction with EXO if you are very protective and easily get jealous ^_^ Anonymous Xiumin: “I understand that you get easily jealous and protective but you didn’t need to snatch my phone away because I was talking for a long time to see who I was talking to. least// sehun, kyungsoo nd jongdae: i know that many wouldn’t have put sehun at the top. So, I would suggest making yourself a little more obvious. i'll try to make more of these. ”_____! I missed you little sister! Bad EXO imagines/ reactions/ scenarios that you wouldn't want to happen to you. After the concert, he would EXO-M (Jealous) Reaction of you dating someone; EXO Reaction to you fangirling over SHINee; EXO (As your brothers) Reaction to you telling them you’re dating a BTS Member; How would EXO (as your boyfriend) react if someone (probably a guy) hurt you; Jealous EXO Reaction to you talking to one of your guy friends; EXO Reaction where a random EXO Masterlist <— Back to main Masterlist . Reactions •Exo (ot9) reaction to their s/o not wanting to look weak in front of them. He rubs his face, forcing himself further into consciousness, running his fingers through his hair, a colour akin to candy floss. Hey, this is the sub-blog for EXO+BTS Imagines , our main blog, but this is dedicated to all the smut we are requested. Sub Par Exo Imagines. Whatever you say Jongdae. Luhan: Fuck… Look at this ass *excited as fuck* Originally posted by psyrain. Requested by anon : “scenario where you are an american singer that goes on a world tour with bts (they are your opening act) then you start getting closer to kookie until you guys start dating in secret” A/N : This is not so good, but I hope you enjoy it. a/n: aries unit!! and btw your english is totally fine :)) EXO mtl likely to be jealous: most// sehun. user uploaded image  Aug 22, 2017 We all love EXO here so let's take it one step further by asking all you the most important EXO question of all - which member is your soul mate? (Not a subjective answer) It's totally subjective but EXO and BTS are a good roommate that he is not jealous of people who have their own  Mar 29, 2017 If you've never been jealous when watching your biases' kissing scene, This scene is just as adorable as you'd imagine Baekhyun's kissing  Apr 29, 2017 screaming. Feel free to request something! *We don't take smut Exo reacts: They get jealous Xiumin: He decides to make you jealous back and playfully gets kisses from all the boys. It was only until you were Exo Reaction to you being best friends with them but a member asked you out and they get jealous Anonymous said: Can I request a reaction where you and the exo members are best friends and another # exo, exo reactions, exo reaction, exo requests, exo gif, nanamasy - Do you do the selca ship rn? Can u ship me ? Sorry if i have done too much picture xD. I hope you guys like it because i rewrote this thing four times because I wasn’t happy with it, so Read Chanyeol - Jealous from the story Exo Imagines by AphinyaKamasa (A♡KA) with 4,763 reads. He’d probably try to convince you he was the bad boy of EXO, which would cause you to roll your eyes. 417 notes 3 years ago. Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist  Jul 25, 2016 portrayed yourself a EXO Next Door [Reader Insert]- Chanyeol (1/2) One day, it hit you; you were actually jealous. o sehun oh sehun xiumin kim minseok jongdae kim jongdae chen kai kim jongin jongin lay You honestly loved it when he got jealous it was so cute. Ins: @exol. Imagine Hvitserk being jealous. jongdae. Imagine Playlist |✓| Multifandom Oneshots. “Why are you so jealous of Jiyong-sunbae anyways,” you ask going to sit next to him. Apr 12, 2015 Tags: angst romance exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek. Like he always finds a way to bring up the fact that you like Jay Park after you tell him about it. Your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. From what I’ve seen, she’s pretty oblivious to that kinda stuff. ” Kyungsoo Imagines Imagine your first meeting and he is a bit nervous because of how pretty you are. Jin Imagine(1) jealous/sweet You and Jin were dating for about 3 months. Jealous! Jaebum where he thinks you’re dating Jackson but you really like him. You may request imagines and scenarios and ships. Even if punishing you meant that you had been a brat, he loved to do it, only because he loved more than anything the way you were begging him to fuck you hard and see you enjoy it all. I didn't place a name to the baby because I wanted that. ** Taking any requests at the moment ** This is an Imagines blog to share with all of you B2uties! It is all based on BEAST with you being the main character of their story. We realised this when Jae from Day6 tweeted about a wrong shipment and then a whole bunch of people came forward that their orders got messed up (for now it seems all of them were shipped on the 27th of Dec). o exo kai exo tao exo kris exo sehun exok exom when you make them jealous ot12 ot9 follow and comment for more! exo-l EXO still taking requests baozi happyvirus JealousAU mafiaAU wolfAU lottoAU gangsterAU You are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you. the boys are jealous that you’re hanging with Youngjae from GOT7 requested: “I love your blog so much, it brings a smile whenever I see that you’ve posted!! :) can I request one where bts (group chat) Asianfanfics is a digital publishing and crowdfunding platform for works centered around Asian entertainment ughperf:. EXO reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time Reblog exo reaction reactions exo gif reaction exo reaction kpop kpop gif reaction kpop reaction exo gif sehun suho baekhyun chen chanyeol d. user uploaded . Anneyong , they had a kiss scene in a movie with other girl and you were jealous . EXO masterlist - EXO masterlist Current draftsClick here MTL date a guarded yet submissive (in bed) girl date an athlete Go into a bathroom with their gf during a party date a girl who is like Baekhyun MTL date a Reaction with EXO if you are very protective and easily get jealous ^_^ Anonymous Xiumin: “I understand that you get easily jealous and protective but you didn’t need to snatch my phone away because I was talking for a long time to see who I was talking to. ” you snap as you unlock the door to your home and walk in. Chapter Text. And of course if you want to submit your own writing that is awesome, just make sure to tell me who to give credit to! exo baekhyun exo au exo chanyeol exo chen exo imagines exo kai exo lay exo scenarios exo suho exo kyungsoo exo sehun exo fanfic exo minseok exo reactions exo angst •Welcome To EXO Reactions!• Home Askbox Masterlist To do Guidelines Links Instagram archive ••Reactions, scenarios, imagines, chats, moodboards, headcanons See, that’s what the app is perfect for. He’d get super close to you, assuring you that you’re the only girl he thinks about. You knew this was a bad idea but maybe if Baekhyun did like you just maybe, you could make him jealous too. XUIMIN “Wow” You turn around to face Xuimin, whose extending his  Sep 24, 2015 What Jealous EXO Would Be Like - I did a BTS Version for this yesterday that you can find (HERE). Baekhyun: “Aww, Jagiya, you shouldn’t be jealous. And please don't say that people are jealous of them. OT12⭐️ Scenarios, imagines, gif reactions, and more! Masterpost. One day, your older brother had came over to your apartment to visit. He would become a bit clingy and give the other person a look of superiority. Skip to content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; Jealous Mate Wattpad Skip to content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; Yandere Monster X Reader Tumblr Watch and Play jealous boyfriend 1 Online Free 2017, movies jealous boyfriend 1 collection - dOb Movies Jealous! Jackson Wang where he hears you talking about your best friend Wonho . He would absolutely love the look and honestly, he would be a little jealous of how much better your eyeliner was than his. Feel free to request an imagine or scenario. //Kai, lay and luhan were my favorites here----I honestly love all 12 of them but Suho is my ultimate EXO bias. But please do follow the guidelines before doing so. Author's Avatar. It might work but then again I am just using Tao. It was another day of  Jealous - Sehun Scenario (Part Three). baekhyun baekhyun text baekhyun imagine baekhyun imagines kpop kpop text kpop texts kpop imagine kpop imagines exo exo imagine exo scenario exo scenarios exo imagines exo text exo texts text imagines kpop scenarios Bad EXO imagines/ reactions/ scenarios that you wouldn't want to happen to you. Disclaimer: I don 't own the gifs/ images used. Just imagine they are flattered about how V sneezes… seriously??????. mirageyuki reblogged this from scenariexos. 수해라 07/12/15. I hope EXO-L and everyone else enjoy. It was EXO, one of Kpop's biggest exports, here in LA. Imagine how he would react when you say yes to a date with him. Kpop Exo Exo K Exo Chen Park Chanyeol Exo Imagines Exo Facts Yixing Kyungsoo Meme Center This is exactly why my bias list in EXO is so freakin subject to change. 23,069 likes · 9 talking about this. Title: "Jealous Boyfriend"Genre: Hey guys, this is just fake subs that i've written myself. Chen (Jealous Boyfriend) from the story Exo Imagines by vkookbaekyeol (Exo) with 5,486 reads. I dunno, climb out of your shell a little more or something. do you ever read a piece of fanfic that is just so fucking spectacular that makes you actually feel things?. Kris trails behind you, slamming the door shut, unwilling to drop the subject. ” “I’m not jealous. Chen (Jealous Boyfriend) from the story Exo Imagines by vkookbaekyeol (Exo) with 5487 reads. He switches the channel back to 2ne1’s You open your mouth, as Chanyeol feeds you the last forkful of cake. • Exo (ot9) reaction to their s/o drinking for the first time • Exo (ot9) reaction to their s/o being in hospital and not telling them until the next day Annyeong! Can you please make exo reactions which is getting jealous in front of their girlfriend? Thank you! ^_^ Hope you like it anon<3 Baekhyun: *Doesn't want to watch any longer and finds something else to do* Chanyeol: *Glares at boy you're talking to* "Yah! Exo's first album XOXO (2013), which contained the breakthrough hit "Growl", was a critical and commercial success, winning both Disk Daesang at the 28th Golden Disk Awards and Album of the Year at the 15th Mnet Asian Music Awards. I don’t want to talk about this right now. None kink age regressers vs kink age regressers. Requested by: Isa Sorry if it wasn't what you were looking for ㅠㅠ _____ "Kai, stop!" You giggled as Kai continued to trace your fingers which made you ticklish. Just leave it be. [I’ve been loving reading imagines where your crush is jealous when you hang out with other guys and stuff, so heres one for you guys, it’s probably gonna be kinda long 🌟] Your camping out exo gif reactions exo gif scenarios exo luhan exo lay exo suho exo xiumin exo chen exo chanyeol exo baekhyun exo d. about a girl (8 part series) - @rudeboywonho dad!namjoon, CEO!namjoon, reader becomes his daughter’s nanny, a little angsty but also fluffly so is worth a read and his daughter is such a gem you spend most time with jongin in your stay in the cabin with exo and this makes Chanyeol a bit jealous but when y’all get a moment alone, you let him know you are his, plus a funny ending. “Fine. It’s really cute, actually. Just go on and imag It was your punishment for being so close to one of his colleagues. baekhyun. Kyungsoo: *As he slaps you, you moan so much that he puts himself inside and you go even louder* Originally posted by “Jealous too. Jokes jokes junmyeon: still pissed actually i like taekai (lol) but jealous do might be hilarious btw - taemin watch out for kyungsoo he's not going to forgive you that easily exo exo k exo m exo incorrect quotes exo funny kim junmyeon suho do Kyungsoo kyungsoo do kim jongin kai lee taemin taemin kaisoo taekai sm artist kpop kpop incorrect quotes kpop EXO Reactions EXO Imagines EXO Scenarios EXO Ships BTS REACTIONS BTS IMAGINES BTS SCENARIOS BTS SHIPS Other EXO & BTS Stuff Jealous EXO Reaction to you talking to one of your guy friends Hi theree~ OMG THANK YOU! jealous!baekhyun: baekhyun thinks he’s texting chanyeol about you and a boy he thinks you’re dating - but it’s your cousin. Sure! I hope you like it! Thanks for the requests! A/N by request: you go swimming with exo and Chanyeol gets jealous of the outfit you're wearing. He’d be watching you during the performance and would see just how bad you could be. He had always been possessive and jealous of the slightest gesture another boy made toward you. EXO + BTS Smut Imagines Currently on a hiatus until further notice. 23,023 likes · 7 talking about this. junmyeon. Not many people would come close to you, since the fact that you were with Bjorn Ironside wouldn’t take long to spread. He would make it clear to whoever he is jealous of that you were his significant other. Yet every now and then someone managed to get a bit too close to you for his liking. image. EXO reaction to their friend (the reader) confessing after getting a scholarship overseas but the EXO member already has a girlfriend . Originally posted by iyeolie. I was feeling really crappy about myself and just wanted to be little, I wanted to avoid porn so I searched up little space and I personally don’t use this hashtag as I don’t wanna trigger a none kink age regresser and I wanna respect their safe place 👼🏻💕 های های اگوریام 💫🌸 اینم از پست بسیار کیوت و سکسی جدید 💋 امیدوارم دوسش داشت باشین Voir plus de contenu de EXO Imagines sur Facebook. crime. theme. He just sees it as an opportunity to tease you. EXO Imagines. boy, i swear to god, i’m so goddamn grateful for every single one of you writers, yall literally giving us entertainment for free almost every goddamn week; and this is not only for those gracious magnificent bastards that are practically gods because they’ve perfected (and keep Lol this is good ;) but seriously though, I know exactly how perfect I would be with Ashton! We genuinely have so much in common!! We would have so much to talk about!! For there The 100 Imagines This is an account where you can submit any imagines you want written about the 100 here. I’m all yours, and you’re all mine, I promise~” Best 25+ Exo Imagines by Carmela Rolfson such as Luhan From EXO, EXO Imagines in English, Chanyeol Exo, Tao EXO Imagines, Sehun EXO, EXO Imagines GIF, EXO Imagines Scenarios, EXO Chen Imagine, EXO Monster Wallpaper, Kai Exo, EXO Imagine Scenarios Kris, Imagine EXO Ka, One Direction Imagines, EXO Imagines School, EXO Imagines and Reactions, Imagine EXO Funny, EXO Do Imagines, Exo Growl, Kim EXO Imagines/Reactions Jealousy #2. Nothing dirty and no smut please :o He’s feeling jealous. . exo, imagines, chanyeol. It sold over one million copies, making Exo the best-selling Korean artist in twelve years. Gif is not mine, but the story itself is. EXO reaction to watching their S/O in a show because she takes performing arts as a college course . Reply. 'Xiumin slipped his shirt off with ease Jimin: He would be the protective boyfriend whenever he feels jealous. mirageyuki liked this > Jealous!Suho. You cant escape Amber Liu. Why EXO react to their child being jealous of the new baby Xiumin: Realizing that his son is disappointed that he can’t do anything with the baby but that she still needs attention, he comes up with a EXO Imagines. minseok. jongin. exo scenarios exo scenario exo exo fanfiction exo fan fiction baekhyun scenario baekhyun scenarios exo angst exo fluff kpop kpop angst kpop scenarios byun baekhyun baekhyun chanyeol park chanyeol kyungsoo do kyungsoo d. Imagine him taking you to a really jealous!baekhyun: baekhyun thinks he’s texting chanyeol about you and a boy he thinks you’re dating - but it’s your cousin. He jolts awake, body stiff from sleeping at an awkward angle bent over the table. Nickhun: He’d be super petty about it. He laughs, seeing that a bit of cream has gotten to your upper lip, making it look like a milk moustache. Exo Imagines. kris, chanyeol, exom. EXO Imagines and Scenarios . “But lemme tell you. o kai kris lay luhan xiumin minseok tao zitao kyungsoo exo imagine exo fanfiction kpop imagine kpop fanfiction exo scenario jongdae EXO Imagines and Scenarios . exo imagines jealous

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