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Fcc repack channel assignments

We can file FCC applications, provide advice, plan your project, and execute the plan. The first two columns show the new vs. [Blogmeister’s Note: The FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force recently released a number of materials relating to TVStudy, the software that FCC engineers devised to assist them in the modeling and analysis necessary to repack the TV spectrum. Considering all of the possible stations that may require new equipment, tower work, permits, etc. Except for having a date when you can change your channel and move to where you will (hopefully) stay, The fallacy of the FCC to repack digital television in the channels between 7 and 30. Now that the auction is complete, the FCC is requiring nearly 1,000 TV stations to change frequencies. , broadcasters may want to look at either an existing or new auxiliary DTV transmitters, tuned to the new RF channel to smooth over the bump of the 39 month repack window. S. Click on a station for more info about the antenna type needed to receive it. the next incremental transmitter New channel assignments are known Stations changing channel are assigned into one of 10 phases. assignment of frequencies within the spectrum - ends on March 30, 2017. Repacked television stations have 90 days from the release date to file a construction permit (CP) application for facilities to operate on its post-auction channels, as well as a cost estimate for completing this work. The FCC released broadcaster rules for the Spectrum Repack. prioritizing assignments to channel 5 in the Low-VHF band and off of channel 14 in the UHF band. It relates them by READS Rank, Transition Phase, Operator, and in other ways. • Provides the new channel assignments for stations that won bids to move from high-VHF to low-VHF or from UHF to high-VHF or low-VHF. “The channel changes that result from the FCC repack will occur in 10 phases, staggering the rescan dates for different markets. Will have until April 2019 to move. By law, many local TV stations are moving to new frequencies. After formally stating the station repacking problem, we define our large The FCC determined pairs of channel assignments that would cause harmful  21 Aug 2018 FCC Proposes Rules for Distributing Repack Funds to LPTV, TV . For any channel sharing stations relinquishing spectrum and also applying to assign their licenses to another party, the FCC has (at least informally) adopted a policy that such assignments will not be granted until after a channel sharing arrangement has been implemented. When it comes to the Repack, we wrote the book. guidelines – the TV Parental Guidelines – developed and implemented by their members. Originally Posted by OTA-DVR-guy It’s my understanding that Charlotte stations 3 and 42 won’t have to move to another channel. The FCC stated that it anticipates releasing a public notice in November or December of this year that will give 60 days’ warning of the opening of the Special Displacement Window, which will remain open for 30 days. XIV, Issue 32). channel or move to standby antenna if available 2. Install new main antenna and possibly transmission line 5. If you watch TV for free, using an antenna, you must rescan your TV to keep your channels. To see where and when your local stations are relocating, or even if they are, click on the link below and enter your zip code. FCC Tracks TV Repack in New Budget. Discuss DTV: SatelliteGuys Forum DTV USA Forum AVS Forum Digital Home Forum Login The Media Bureau has assigned Regional Coordinators to support broadcast television stations moving to new channel assignments in the post-incentive auction transition period. 14 assignments before repack. Bidding close to $8 billion in the $19. The FCC refused to give the same primacy to Low Power that it gave to High Power. In order to repack stations, the FCC needs to determine which stations could not operate on co-channel and first adjacent channels to each other. The new DTV Reception Map (available here ) will reflect changes to TV stations as they begin transmitting on new channels between now and July 2020 during the post FCC Repack Phases/Dates May Hurt Fringe Locations & Users Getting Stations From More Than One Direction (self. 5 percent) amount. The FCC released the list of new channel assignments, and the 39-month moving process was set to begin April 13, 2017. Channel sharing is treated much the same as moving to a new channel. Of these 175, 30 are moving to a VHF channel and 133 have indicated that they will www. The bill includes multiple FCC process reforms and authorizes additional funds for the TV incentive auction repacking. We've Changed channels As of August 2nd, we've changed our over-the-air signal as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Repack. Low Power operators with no class A assignment are sadly left out of the FCC refund agreement completely. FCC Establishes Bidding Procedures For 2016 Incentive Auction On August 6, 2015 the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Procedures Public Notice which establishes the bidding procedures for next year’s incentive auction. 11 granted a request from 20 TV stations in Puerto Rico and the U. Highlights. “The FCC sold off channels 37 and above to wireless companies. This bill brings together language from a number of other FCC-related bills exclusive of the MOBILE NOW Act (Vol. IS A 100% EMPLOYEE OWNED COMPANY! Manuals and free instruction guides. RabbitEars has a full set of tools to help you figure out where your stations are moving to, based on that public information. We can install, test, train, and maintain. These messages may say things like “the channel is moving frequencies,” “ rescan Several years ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), cell  17 Apr 2018 The FCC said that with the new allocation, eligible broadcasters and MVPDs have access to $1. Along with Watch TV. The reverse and forward auctions to repack TV stations and free up spectrum for wireless . the Commission plans to issue an initial allocation to each eligible licensee. FCC Announces Auction Results and Sets TV Repack Deadlines. Hundreds of stations nationwide will be affected by the repacking process, which is being coordinated by the FCC. We can scale up with my very experienced partners to get it done. television broadcasters are preparing for the TV Spectrum Repack. The Commission also adopted transition procedures for low power television and TV translator stations (LPTV/translator stations) impacted by the rebanding of the 600 MHz band and repacking. Remove former main channel antenna and possibly transmission line 4. The second stopped on March 30, 2017 when the Assignment Phase of the Forward Auction came to an end. 8 billion of gross bids was T-Mobile, winning the company 1,525 licenses. While the FCC took steps to equalize the number of stations assigned to each phase (at least between Phases 2 and 8), the amount of time each station in a phase has to actually change over — the so-called “test period” — varies by a factor of almost four. Install new transmitter and RF system 6. WASHINGTON —The auction results are in and the new TV channel assignments are out. The TV repacking plan was the result of the FCC auctioning TV spectrum to . 30 Jan 2017 By sending out the post-auction channel assignments prior to the end of FCC Releases Television Repack Transition Scheduling Plan  The FCC plans to execute an ambitious two-step auction that could potentially will be subject to being “repacked” into new channel assignments by the FCC,  The FCC has now released the channel assignments for the repack. DOUBLERADIUS, INC. The FCC has now released the channel assignments for the repack. However, in some  13 Apr 2017 FCC Announces Auction Results and Sets TV Repack Deadlines The second stopped on March 30, 2017 when the Assignment Phase of the  17 Nov 2017 As part of the incentive auction, the FCC is authorized to implement a spectrum “ repack,” meaning some television stations will be assigned to  Information for over-the-air viewers about the FCC-mandated broadcast frequency transition for WETA TV on August 2, 2019. • Low power and translator channel assignments will likely continue to exist on a “spectrum available” basis. The right side (FCC TV Channel Repack) displays information dependent on FCC repack auction results: No change – no results displayed. But, in order to clear contiguous blocks of spectrum for the wireless companies who bought spectrum in the auction, the FCC not only had to buy the spectrum rights of a number of TV stations, but they also had to repack the remaining TV stations into a smaller TV band. TV spectrum repacking, low power radio and TV installations, studios, transmitters, antennas--we've done it all. Since the initial auction announcement by FCC, the US wireless community has long been looking for an answer to this question: “How much spectrum will the incentive auctions remove from the UHF broadcast band?” We have an answer now: as of May 2016, the FCC has released a target of 126MHz. Rules. 5 277 15 da 93311 0 804 kakm 8 8 anchorage ak 612520 1495228 271. In many parts of the country, spectrum can be freed up by reorganizing, or repacking, the channels to which television broadcasters are currently assigned. An engineer takes a look at the latest information dump from the FCC on the TV repacking front. A total of 987 TV stations will be moved in the upcoming 39-month repack, and 175 broadcasters who sold spectrum in the auction will split the $10 billion offered up for it by wireless providers. At the conclusion of the auction in March of 2017, the FCC announced that nearly 1,000 local television stations must move to new frequencies between 2018-2020. Google • How Long Will it Take for Wireless Operators to “Commence Operations”? – FCC: Commencement occurs when “site commission testing” begins using “permanent This Online Table of Frequency Allocations may display amendments that have been adopted by the FCC but that have not yet taken effect. new channel assignments for full power and class A television stations that the FCC has reassigned to different channels • These stations will have three months to file their initial construction applications relating to their channel reassignments • Following the three-month application window, stations will be repacked over a 36-month – FCC Proposal: reserve one vacant channel for unlicensed use in all areas; two channels where a broadcast channel has been assigned to duplex gap – NAB vs. 74 billion or 92. new channel assignments for full power and class A television stations that the FCC has reassigned to different channels • These stations will have three months to file their initial construction applications relating to their channel reassignments • Following the three-month application window, stations will be repacked over a 36-month period 3 Last week, the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force and Media Bureau launched an updated DTV Reception map aimed at helping consumers during the post-Incentive Auction repack. The first  14 Feb 2019 New channel assignments were designed to minimize costs by: schedule that assigned repacked stations, including repacked band  10 Dec 2018 Closing & Channel Reassignment Public Notice · Current Transition Data Files · Reminder for Post-Auction Transition Requirements and  RabbitEars, where you can learn all about local, over-the-air TV channels. The rows are color-coded: Light Blue - Repacked within its current band; Green - UHF to high-VHF winner; Yellow - High-VHF to low-VHF winner; Red - UHF to low-VHF winner The FCC set out a 39-month transition schedule to move all the TV stations and get the spectrum into the hands of wireless carriers. The repacking process will require a large increase in the numbers of crews working at heights on the towers to complete the work as scheduled. Details of FCC’s Repack Plans for LPTV and TV Translator Stations Emerge. TV station reassignments as a result of the channel repack for Rochester, NY. NOTE: If a Rule Part is listed in the last column of the Allocation Table, click here to find those. The FCC has proposed a 39-month timeline for repacking, although that schedule has come under fire by TV broadcasters who say it doesn't provide enough time. List Of Stations Changing Channel Assignments In Repack. The plan includes (1) a Phase Assignment Tool under which the FCC will determine at which phase specific stations will have to relocate to new channels, and (2) a Phase Scheduling Tool through which the FCC will estimate the amount of time stations need in each phase The FCC has now released the channel assignments for the repack. Once your station receives its Channel Assignment Public Notice (PN) via confidential letter from the FCC, you will have a 39-month window to complete its transition, though there is a waiver process for extenuating circumstances. The guide to that is here: TV Spectrum Repack Landscape A group of U. Most viewers won’t notice a big difference because the FCC is allowing stations to continue to market themselves with a virtual channel number than usually dates back to before the migration to FCC Reminds Repacked TV Stations of Upcoming June and July Deadlines. My local PBS station is completing their repack assignment, and since they made (or started?) the transition, my tablo is unable to pick up the signal anymore, although other OTA devices I have work fine. The guide to that is here: The FCC today released a post-incentive auction transition proposal that includes details of how the spectrum repack — reassigning some of the TV stations that will remain on the air to new channels and coordinating hundreds of station modifications nationwide — will work. incurred as a result of the repack. current actual channel number. Congress authorized the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – the agency that governs the public airwaves – to hold an auction to provide more channels for wireless broadband services. We will not allow any channel assignments that, considered on a station-to-station basis, would reduce a station’s population served by more than a de minimis(0. Count me among those who are a bit bleary-eyed after focusing on one such 1. 13 Apr 2017 The FCC has now released the channel assignments for the repack. Television Facilities to Be Protectedin the Repacking Process. RabbitEars has a full set of tools to help you figure out where your stations  21 Jan 2016 FCC Releases “The National Broadband Plan”. Radio Club of FCC auctioned 52 MHz of the reclaimed 700 MHz band after the DTV . They also proposed to Repack Reimbursement Process Set for LPTV and FM Stations The FCC has adopted a Report and Order (“R&O”) (FCC 19-21) in Docket 18-214 that establishes procedures for the reimbursement of low power television and television KPPX-TV was assigned channel 14 in the FCC Spectrum Repack, and was scheduled to change channels in Phase 10, to be completed by July 3, 2020. channel assignment to Full Power and Class A television licenses. The first group of stations to move channels is scheduled for Nov. Change is coming to antenna TV. 1 PBS is part of the FCC TV spectrum repack. Another smaller block of stations use the high band VHF channels (7 through 13) while fewer than 50 stations transmit on low band VHF channels (2 through 6). Dielectric, a manufacturer of TV and FM broadcast antenna systems, recently welcomed Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, to its repack antenna facility in Lewiston, Maine. The repack is a major deal for the hundreds of commercial and noncommercial TV broadcasters that will move to new channels as the FCC prepares to reallocate channels 38–51 to the mobile wireless providers that paid for the frequencies during the incentive auction. operators while TV broadcasters move to other channels. For stations going off the air, they will have 3 months to do so once the wireless company pays for what it bought. More information about this process, including details on how Later this spring, the FCC is expected to provide a public list of the new channel assignments that it’s already distributed to TV licensees around the country – but some stations are already revealing their new RF channels, either to the NAB (which has started to compile voluntary disclosures on its own clearinghouse site) or to industry The FCC won’t need spectrum from about 15 percent of the nation’s 2,198 TV stations and has notified those 324 stations of their ineligibility for the auction. Currently, the majority of TV stations broadcast in the UHF television spectrum from channels 14 to 51. [40] [41] However, citing concerns of signal interference between channel 14 and the adjacent land mobile band at 460 MHz - 470 MHz, the station asserted that it was unable to construct facilities that The Channel 6 proposed change is the one proposal in this NPRM that is not limited to LPFM stations. 05 billion to give up their spectrum. com American Tower Repack Team Is Helping Customers Meet FCC Milestones Since the results of the broadcast spectrum incentive auction were announced by the FCC on April 13, 2017, nearly 1,000 full-power and Class A TV stations have notified the FCC (within the 90-day timeframe) of their channel-transition plan. Repack is kick-started after FCC’s auction results are unveiled In Featured News by Wireless Estimator April 14, 2017 T-Mobile, Dish Network and Comcast were the top bidders in the incentive spectrum auction for 70 MHz of airwaves, according to an FCC announcement that will now jumpstart the nation’s long-awaited repacking efforts. TV Spectrum Repack Process Update & ATSC • FCC agreed to moderate headroom, i. Any time after a station moves, rescan your TV or converter box to find all of the available channels in your area. IP STL : A Broadcaster’s Guide shows Radio and TV Broadcasters the advantages of using wireless technology for their STLs. Through the “repacking” process, the FCC proposes to move numerous TV stations to other locations of the television broadcast spectrum so that television stations remaining on the air post-auction will occupy a smaller portion of the UHF band. Out of those, twelve did not indicate they would continue broadcasting. Federal Communications Commission FCC 14-50 10 February 22, 2012. According to the bill, the money will be freed up when the FCC certifies to the Treasury that the current $1. To recap, about 987 TV stations are changing channels. On September 30, 2016, the FCC issued a 51-page Public Notice describing the FCC’s proposed plan to repack broadcast television stations over a 39-month transition period subsequent to the completion of the incentive auction. Currently, the FCC rules limit the power and location of any station, LPFM or full-power noncommercial stations, in the reserved FM band (below 92 FM) where those applications are near to Channel 6 TV stations. Which others will, Charlotte, NC - OTA - Page 410 - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews Overview of FCC TV Broadcast Repacking. A total of 987 TV stations will be moved in the upcoming 39-month repack, and 175 broadcasters who sold spectrum in the auction will split the $10 billion offered up for it by wireless providers. In addition to the repack project work now underway, the FCC is  TV Channel Repack. Middle 20th century frequency allocation assigned much of the radio spectrum to broadcasting. About FCC Repack In March of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started an auction designed to repurpose television airwaves for new uses by wireless companies. 2 The Commission established a 39-month period running until July 3, 2020, TV station reassignments as a result of the channel repack for Rochester, NY. The structural impact of either is significant, requiring engineering consultation and analysis of the broadcast towers, coordination with equipment suppliers, and management of construction and field crews. Find the user manual. Most viewers won’t notice a big difference because the FCC is allowing stations to continue to market themselves with a virtual channel number than usually dates back to before the migration to digital TV broadcasting. Repack Channel Assignments. nabshowny. With more stations using Dieletric antennas than those of all other manufacturers combined, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming the experts on the pending channel repack. The third wheel stopped this afternoon with the release of the FCC’s long-awaited Incentive Auction Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice . RabbitEars, where you can learn all about local, over-the-air TV channels. ” Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice. 31 KTLA 32 KDOC-TV 33 KTBN-TV 34 KMEX-DT 35 KRCA 36 KNBC 38 KPXN-TV 39 KVEA 41 KLCS 42 KWHY-TV 43 KCBS-TV 47 KAZA-TV 48 KOCE-TV 49 KJLA 51 KXLA. If these stations are required to relocate, the expenses will be born by Columbia, Md. I imagine most of us have heard about the FCC mandated channel repack that's occurring to free up spectrum for other wireless services. At the end of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum incentive auction, hundreds of television stations will migrate from current channel assignments to new ones. More information about this process, including details on how Included among these efforts is the FCC’s creation of a new category of translator for full-power TV stations to fill in loss areas, a special filing window for LPTV, TV Translator and analog-to-digital replacement translator stations seeking displacement channels, and rules permitting LPTV and TV Translator stations to channel share, both Compiled from FCC Phase Assignment Tableau File This ‘dance’ is scheduled by the FCC across ten phases ( pictured below ), ranging from one to four months each. 2 240 50 da 67943 0 About FCC Repack. Transition Scheduling Adoption Public Notice. As those channels are “cleared,” the FCC will then begin reselling that spectrum to the or “repacked,” to consolidate channel assignments within each market. FCC Adopts Plan For Repacking TV Stations after Incentive Auction. According to the FCC, there were 175 TV stati ons that sold spectrum in the auction for just over $10 Billion in total. In some markets, like Boston, the repack will be gradual, spanning multiple phases and almost nine months. During this phase, Rohde & Schwarz transmitters provide a smooth transition to ATSC 3. Only LPTV, TV Translator, Broadcast Spectrum Repacking Timeline, Resource and Cost Analysis ” 2015 Digital Tech Consulting 10 Level 1, Configuration B • Transmitter manufacturer and/or RF system installer is engaged to review procedure and pricing to retune the transmitters to a new channel assignment. Each region has a dedicated Bureau staff member who will act as a first point of contact at the Commission. • Provides the new channel assignments for remaining UHF stations. • No protection is offered for low power or translator licenses in the spectrum repack. Soon after, the FCC will announce new channel assignments. The FCC’s repack channel assignment plan is causing headaches for many broadcasters. For most stations, a temporary configuration of the new and old equipment installed on the tower will also be necessary. Repacking, or relocation, of station channels in a smaller part of the spectrum is scheduled to take 39 months. It won’t be long before there’ll be a flurry of filings for stations moving. (if not call FCC hotline at 717-338-2868) Looking to easily get your DTV Medical Notifications out? Over the next few years, most digital TV stations across the US (and eventually Canada) will be changing channels as the FCC repacks the TV spectrum so it can sell channels 38-51 (614-698 MHz) to wireless carriers. . Contact Tom Mooring at 202-418-2450 if you have any questions or comments. More opportunities are added for channel sharing and LPTV/translator operations into the future. RabbitEars has a full set of tools to help you figure out where your stations  4 Jun 2019 As part of the FCC-mandated Spectrum Repack, KUED and nearly all digital television channels to a new frequency, causing customers to  11 Feb 2019 The FCC has released its status report on the post-broadcast incentive auction TV station repack, which involves most of 1,000 full powers and  The FCC completed the first phase of its TV repacking plan on November 30th. It’s important to note this is an involuntary channel change mandated by the FCC. However, a creative engineering approach can resolve many of these problematic assignments, according to Dennis Wallace, a partner at engineering consulting firm Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace. DTV Repack Check List Your Station received a letter from the FCC with channel assignment information. The first phase of frequency transitions is slated to begin end of 2018. final television channel assignment information related to incentive auction repacking facid site call ch pc city st lat lon rcamsl haat erp da antid az 21488 kyes‐tv 5 5 anchorage ak 612009 1493055 614. Transition current channel operations to temporary or standby antenna (Likely at reduced power and coverage) 3. Or your full address for more accurate signal data. repack, according to the FCC. — Rohde & Schwarz executives will be available to provide guidance on any topics related to the FCC repack, which leads to a transition to new channel assignments for approximately 1000 TV stations across the U. The repack will require some television stations to change channels and their transmission facilities. If enacted, this would be the first FCC reauthorization in over 25 years. 20 Full-power Ch. FCC Releases Television Repack Transition Scheduling Plan January 30, Authors2017 On January 27, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC or Commission) Media Bureau, in consultation with the Incentive Auction Task Force, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and the Office of The Federal Communications Commission on Jan. The left side (current) displays each station's primary channel, network and distance and direction in degrees from this location. . FCC Repack In A Nutshell. Portland falls under Phase 2 of the FCC repack. On April 13, the FCC released a public notice announcing the results of the auction and View Searchable Clearinghouse of New Channel Assignments »  Stations are assigned to a particular timeframe, or phase, to complete their frequency moves (see below for phase schedule). , provides assignments for all full power and Class A television stations transitioning to new channels to one of 10 transition phases that satisfy a set of objectives and constraints adopted in the. Which means KATU, KOIN and KNMT. No doubt many in the TV industry are poring over yesterday’s FCC public notice and associated documents wrapping up the incentive auction and officially starting the 39-month clock to complete the TV spectrum repack. Feb 2012 New channel assignment based on licensed antenna location and height. The next few years will see a major shake-up of the broadcast industry as the FCC strives to meet the demand for spectrum. AT&T didn't offer an opinion on the proposed timeline in its latest filing, but it did cite the 800 MHz which stations got cherries and which stations got lemons in the auction and repack. The FCC has closed a first-of-its-kind auction of broadcast airwaves that will see a shakeup in channel lineups in many markets, as stations are reaping a total of $10. The FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force this morning calculated the aggregate amount of the estimated costs of reimbursement-eligible TV stations and MVPDs faced with new post-incentive auction ch by not publicly releasing the channel assignments now, the fcc is creating a potentially too short a period to understand the implications of adjacent channel interference problems, and time to engineer the workarounds The now concluded FCC DTV Channel auction and subsequent repack channel assignments put into play a multi-year plan/project to rechannel approximately 1000 full power DTV stations. How does channel sharing work? A broadcaster could decide to auction a portion of its spectrum and stay on the air by working out agreements to share a broadcast channel with another nearby station. WHSV has no choice in this “repack”. 35 20. Chairman Pai was greeted by Andy Whiteside, president, and Keith Pelletier, VP and general manager with a brief discussion of Dielectric’s 75-year history. Antennaweb has the following to say: Ch 2. Virgin Islands to accelerate the timetable for construction of their post-repack channel assignment. email re FCC Auction Closing & Channel Reassignment Public Notice (CCRPN); Review FCC channel reassignment & Form1876 letter, analyze repack/reimbursement process & forward letter, Form 1876 instructions & repack timetable to station. You may need to rescan to continue to receive WMHT. 0. a smaller amount of frequency within the ultra-high frequency (UHF) FCC releases its channel reassignment public notice, which marks the beginning of. 5% of the currently verified cost  Learn about the FCC's plan to reallocate broadcast spectrum. 133 stations planned to share, 29 were moving from UHF to VHF, and one was moving from high-VHF to low-VHF. by no later than January 22, 2018. cordcutters) submitted 1 year ago by ZippyTheChicken Probably everyone who is on antenna has heard about the FCC Repack where a lot of your TV Stations will be moving physical channels and you may even lose a number of stations. The repack window as specified by the FCC is 39 months. Note - this only impacts viewers  14 Apr 2017 No doubt many in the TV industry are poring over yesterday's FCC public notice and associated documents wrapping up the incentive auction  29 Nov 2018 According to the FCC, more than 140 TV stations in over 20 markets will have moved frequencies when phase one is over, which includes  4 Oct 2018 The Great TV Channel Auction and Repack is now underway, with television necessary work to change frequency assignments and install new equipment. On January 19, t Within the first three months, you will need to determine The Commission now commences a 39-month transition period to move broadcast stations to new channel assignments. 75 billion repack relocation fund will be insufficient, which the agency has signaled is already the case, and certifies to the Congress that the money is necessary to reimburse “reasonably incurred costs. Instead of calculating every station on every channel relative to every other station, they came up with a clever short cut. 987 Stations Displaced, 175 Broadcasters to Split $10 Billion. 30, 2018. On April 13, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Closing and Reassignment Public Notice that lists the new channel, operating parameters, assigned transition phase and phase completion date for every repacked station. Only 175 of the remaining 1,800 needed to be paid. The station in question is WPBT-DT in West Palm Beach. 2 240 50 da 67943 0 Repack Channel Assignments; This tool contains the full set of repack channel assignments. e. FCC issues Channel Reassignment Public Notice that: • Announces the list of stations that won bids to relinquish their spectrum. In March of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started an auction designed to repurpose television airwaves for new uses by wireless companies. WASHINGTON—The auction results are in and the new TV channel assignments are out. Repacked Stations: The Commission established a phase transition schedule that assigned repacked stations, including repacked band changing stations, to one of ten transition phases. fcc repack channel assignments

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